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Want to Invest in NNN Properties  for  1031 Exchange?

At Triple Net Investment Group, we offer very lucrative NNN Properties For Sale for 1031 exchange clients. Today, income producing NNN properties are a safe alternative over risky stocks and bonds. A quality 1031 Exchange Rental Property helps you to build stable monthly income and rich equity portfolio in commercial real estate. Associated with numerous real estate developers & nnn property owners, we can offer the best in sale of triple net leased shopping centers and single tenant investment nnn properties. Our experts have years of experience in single tenant sales lease back assets (SLB), zero cash flow deals (Zeros), ground leases (GL) and Tenant in Common properties (TIC).  

Through our wide network of clients, developers, sellers, REITs and brokers, we can find our clients exactly what you are looking for. Our experts help our clients to know more about the pros and cons of buying, selling and leasing net lease estates. In addition, we bring up valuable tips, listings, advice and updated market information to help you make informed decisions regarding investments in the commercial real estate. We track several NNN Properties for sale and strive to provide the most profitable national retail properties nationwide. Though we offer NNN properties all through the US, our main focus is Washington DC., Maryland & Virginia. Consult Triple Net Investment Group as your exclusive advisor or agent, you have to pay no real estate fees or commissions, as we are paid by the seller only.  


Why NNN Properties Are Popular for 1031 Exchange Rental Property? 

There are several benefits of acquiring a NNN property for 1031 exchange.

  • Defer taxes on the capital gains from the sale of your property  
  • Have little or no property management responsibility  
  • Income guaranteed from an investment-grade national tenants  
  • Get a well located estate at affordable rates with good demographics 
  • Long term leases with options for rental increases 
  • Long-term, non-recourse financing available from banks on certain terms and conditions 
  • Equity can be easily refinanced on a tax-free basis after property exchange is complete 
  • Allow to exchange or replace properties with similar or higher value  


What is a NNN Property? 

Triple Net Leased Properties or NNN Properties are the lucrative real estate investment options with no management responsibility for the owner. It is so because the tenant manages the property and pays for the operating expenses, property taxes, utilities, insurance premiums, maintenance and repair works. The tenants get secure and long term leased property at lower rates to operate their business. They have a choice to maintain or improve the existing building, though the landlord maintains the ownership rights. The property owners can benefit from monthly from net rental income properties. A NNN Property may be a single or multi tenant investment like shopping center, office building or just a free standing building. The Net Leased Properties can be very profitable replacement properties in completing a 1031 real estate exchange transaction for earning higher income and deferring taxes. 


Advantages of owning a NNN Property   

  • Allow to defer tax on capital gains through a 1031 tax deferred exchange
  • Assured guaranteed returns with minimal risks and low costs
  • Pride of ownership for the landlord and freedom to improve or maintain building for the tenant
  • Triple-net lease requires no or little management responsibility from the landlord 
  • Triple-Net lease property is always in high residual value and is a lucrative liquid investment 
  • You don’t have to worry about vacancy, maintenance costs, management fees or leasing fees 
  • Properties are generally in prime retail areas with job markets and great demographics 
  • Since tenants sign leases of 10 to 25 years or more, you can generate stable income for years 


Who are the Sellers of NNN Properties?  

NNN investments range from individual investors to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to lender REO departments and the seller is usually a commercial developer. Since the builder or developer has maximized his/her near-term upside at the time the lease is signed, he /she is interested in promptly realizing his profit through a sale as opposed to a finance-and-hold strategy. The other major sellers of net leases are corporations that regularly sell and lease back their buildings and land. 


Who are the Buyers of NNN Properties?  

Buyers of NNN Properties are just numerous.  The NNN properties are not only bought by the individual 1031 exchange investors, but also by institutional investors and their advisors due to assured stable income and cash flows. While institutional investors are lured by a desire for a particular IRR, the individual investors are motivated to avoid paying capital gains taxes. The 1031 transactions are very popular among individuals and companies that want to maximize profits and defer capital gains taxes.  



Triple Net Investment Group-Your Guide to Successful NNN Investments  

When it comes to investing your money in real estate, you want full security, right? To keep you on safe road and protect against possible risks commercial real estate, a qualified intermediary or advisor is needed. Our experts will let you know the benefits and risks of 1031 exchange replacement properties, multi-net investments or single tenant leases. We take a full stock of the market conditions, share tips, offer updated market information and bring up the top exchange opportunities and additional NNN property options. Our goal is to help you maximize your return on investments in the NNN properties. 




Corporate Tenant Credit Ratings

Find out more about the credit rating of the tenant before purchasing.





Market Analysis

What three things should I know before investing?



Are you looking for a specific location or tenant?


At Triple Net Investment Group, We pride ourselves in excellent client service. We have access to an extensive inventory of NNN single tenant properties for sale and contacts to find you exactly what you are looking for such as:  


7- Eleven  ,Advance Auto Parts  ,Applebee’s, Autozone  ,Bank of America   ,BB  ,Best Buy  ,Bed Bath & Beyond  BP  ,Burger King  ,Chase Bank  ,Chevron  ,Chili’s ,Citibank  ,Costco  ,CVS  ,Dollar General  ,DaVita  , Exxon Mobil  ,FedEx  ,Food Lion  ,Foot Locker  ,Gap  ,Goodyear  ,Home Depot  ,Jack in the Box  ,JC Penney  ,Jiffy Lube  ,Key Bank  ,KFC  , Kindercare  ,Kmart  ,Kohl’s  ,Lowe’s  McDonald  ,Nordstrom  ,Office Depot  ,Office Max  ,Olive Garden  ,Pep Boys  ,PetSmart  ,Pizza Hut  ,PNC Bank  ,Popeyes  ,RBC Bank  ,Regal  ,Rite Aid  ,Ross Stores  ,Ruby Tuesdays  ,Safeway ,Sears  ,Staples  ,Starbucks  ,Shell Oil  ,Taco Bell  ,Target  ,T-Mobile  ,Verizon  ,Wachovia  ,Walgreen  ,Wal-Mart  ,Wells Fargo  ,Wendy’s  ,Whole Foods  , and many more.  




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